We, as a reseller of LETObamboo, can testify these products are an excellent option for a decorative application. The company provides excellent stock options, service and advice. We at Bord have no hesitation in endorsing the product or company.

Melinda@ bordproducts

We love working with suppliers whose product is as wonderful as their customer service. The team at LETO is always attentive, prompt and informative. The product is consistently perfect and brilliant to work with. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Deon Kamien /Director, Print On Wood

We’ve been using LETO for a number of years now and consider them to be an invaluable supplier. We appreciate their cutting service, reliability, promptness and friendly customer service!

Little Birdy Finds

We bought about nine 40mm sheets of LETObamboo, and probably four times that amount of 19mm. In our house build we have used them for everything from kitchen benches, drawers and cupboards, our heavy floor to ceiling internal doors, numerous built-in bookshelves and cabinets. We are delighted with the result, helped in part by your excellent informative website that helped us choose the best finishing product. It was a pleasure dealing with you. You delivered our bamboo personally, wisely not wanting to trust that much to couriers. It of course arrived in perfect condition. The material itself is also a pleasure to work with – it machines cleanly, seems dimensionally very stable and looks great! Good luck with the future of your great product.

Paul /Owner Builder

Anne and all the team at LETO have consistently supplied us with the best bamboo products, on time, and every time we’ve needed it. They are one of those rare suppliers that are genuinely a pleasure to work with!

Online Laser Cutting

“We use LETO bamboo for our sustainable furniture designs. The service and product are of the highest quality. We choose to use bamboo for its ethical and environmental qualities, Anne and the team offer expert advice when selecting material to suit specific projects. Our clients really see the value in our designs thanks to the use of this beautiful material. With unique edge detail, that sets bamboo apart from other sheet materials.”

Gary Pennington /Owner, Tane Furniture

“LETOBamboo Professional, fast and easier to work with on site.”

Having been commissioned for the base building upgrade works @ 5 Queens road, a client who demanded a cost effective and durable solution that could be certified by EcoSpecifier (Green Tag) and the Green Building Council (Green Star) along with a commitment to the environmental stewardship of the product.

This meant we had to move away from traditional partitioning, and in our research came across LETObamboo.  Thus able to tick all the requirements made it easy to specify them for all the toilet cubical partitioning and doors through the building.  We had a builder that left these works to the last minute and along with adjustments to the layout, this would normally have meant a time delay and variations.  Amazingly LETOBamboo were able to complete the works and adjustments within this new very short timeline, they also had difficulty of every other trade still finishing off their works and had to work around them.

This was completed with little to no defects, making my life very easy at hand over. This was very much appricated and because of this would recommend them and the product going forward.

Mark Davis

Dasch Associates

We researched toilet partitions for a project in 2018 as we were looking for better environmental
and aesthetic outcomes for a project at Healesville Sanctuary. The project consisted of upgrades to
their public toilets at the front entry. We selected Leto Bamboo toilet partitions for the following key
• All our product and finish selections needed to be evaluated for their value for money, to
justify inclusion.
• Public amenities at Zoos Victoria sites including Healesville Sanctuary must endure heavy use
and as such the products are selected for their durability and ongoing low maintenance
• Using actual timber finish rather than a digital print – as found on laminate products, we were
able to achieve an authentic representation of the quality timber look we hoped for.
• The environmental qualities of bamboo are well documented, with a lower impact and higher,
faster yield to other timber products.
In addition to the performance qualities of the product, Rob Loogman is always very accommodating
with providing information, product finish samples and even small working system example with
functioning hardware and accessories, which allows a full interrogation of the product.
It is a pleasure to recommend the Leto Bamboo toilet partitions and other plywood products to others
for their specification on future projects. I would be pleased to discuss directly with interested parties
should they wish to do so.
Kind regards,
Angus Wallace
Plico Design Studio Director