Wide Grain – Natural


The Wide Grain style involves a broader, plank-like grain that reveals more of the Bamboo’s unique cross-knuckles.

Bamboo ply is like hardwood in sheet form and can be worked with traditional hand tools as well as modern methods.
The fine, dense grain is ideal for laser etching and detailed printing, and will machine cleanly.

The Natural grain styles provide a beautiful raw look and are perfect for staining or painting.

These Bamboo boards are available in 13 thicknesses. If the thickness you require is not listed in our shop, please contact our office.

Note: Wide Grain is available to order –  we do not keep high levels of stock in this product. Please call to check availability.

Sizes available – 

0.6mm | 0.9mm | 1.5mm | 2.5mm | 4.3mm | 5mm | 6.5mm | 8mm | 12.7mm | 19mm | 25mm | 30mm | 40mm