Important Information

Refunds & Returns

Please contact us if you have any difficulty with material you have purchased from us. LETObamboo will honour all statutory requirements where sheets:

  • are or become faulty through no fault of your own
  • are not fit for their usual purpose or any purpose specified at the time of sale
  • don’t match the description or sample
  • have defects that were not obvious or we did not bring to your attention

Please note:

  • Cut / damaged sheets cannot be returned
  • Material cannot be returned if you simply change your mind

For more information on returns and refunds contact:

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Helpline: 1300 55 81 81


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Info Centre, Telephone 1300 302 502

Recycling LETO Bamboo

Because bamboo board is strong and does not suffer the same deterioration of other (mainly particle board) products it can easily be converted into other items of use.
The original item can be disassembled, any finish removed by sanding (with necessary precautions if solvent based finishes were used), and the pieces cut for reassembly and re-finishing.
How LETObamboo helps minimise waste disposal of bamboo board products: If re-cycling or on-selling for extending continued use are not options LETObamboo:
– Offers a free and convenient Take Back Program using a network of LETObamboo re-sellers across the country
– Can remanufacture or refurbish returns for use in repair and replacement programs, as well as for sale into secondary markets.
– Recycles close to 100% of the materials from any returned products that can’t be re-used
– Partners with a certified recycler to ensure that responsible recycling practices are utilised*
How to recycle LETObamboo products
FREE – Take Back Program We provide a free product Take Back Program for the recycling of LETObamboo boards or panels. In addition, we will also accept bamboo boards or panels made by another company.
If you are not able to deliver your bamboo material to our warehouse, or one of our listed re-sellers, please recycle locally and responsibly. LETObamboo recommends that you use a recycler with a commitment to supporting environmental stewardship by handling the donated material in a responsible way.
Products received through the Take Back Program that cannot be reused will be recycled responsibly. Our aim is to recycle safely, and not to add to toxic, wasteful and harmful landfill. Bamboo is bio-degradable. Bamboo does not support bacterial growth.
Australian residents, please use the following link to find a recycler in your area:
* LETObamboo partners with EcoSpecifier, promoting recycling with a commitment to environmental stewardship that meets our goals and values.
LETObamboo supports the goals of certifications such as EcoSpecifier (Green Tag) and the Green Building Council (Green Star), and believes a successful national recycling certification must be supported by government, business and affiliated associations.

Can bamboo be cut with table, panel or track saws?


Ensure the saw blade is sharp. Diamond tipped saw blades are the most suited to the bamboo material.

Can bamboo be cut with a CNC router?


Much of the material we sell goes for CNC routing.
Adjust the CNC program to slow the feed rate by 50%, because bamboo is dense router bits can break. Router bits MUST be sharp for clean results. It has been suggested compression bits should be used.
Thicker bamboo sheets may need two – three passes to cut through .
If using table, panel or track saws – ensure the saw blade is sharp. Diamond tipped saw blades are the most suited to the bamboo material.

What adhesives or glues should I use?

. LETObamboo suggests water based (water wash up) non toxic glues such as:

  • Titebond Original PVA or
  • Selleys Aquadhere PVA

which penetrate into the bamboo and ‘key’ well.

For gluing bamboo ply sheets to concrete or particle board floors, we suggest you use:

  • Bostik Ultra Set

following the manufacturers instructions

Can bamboo be printed on?


Bamboo can be printed onto with remarkable results.
Due to the tight/fine grain, a great amount of detail can be achieved in the printing process.

Can bamboo be cut or marked (engraved) with laser equipment?


Bamboo grain is very dense and can be laser marked easily; and therefore very fine detail can be delivered.
Some of the thinner bamboo sheets can also be laser cut. The power of the laser optics will determine the thickness that can be cut.

Can bamboo be cut with a water jet?


With care, bamboo can be cut using water jet technology.

  • Sand may be combined with the water to cut thicker sheets
  • Wipe sheets after cutting to avoid water marks, dirt and staining
  • If the sheets are left in water, straightness/flatness may be affected
  • Sheets should be well sanded, and sealed to all faces, soon after the cutting process

Do I need to sand bamboo before sealing?


The factory finish is quite good but a final light sand, in the direction of the grain with 180 – 220 grit, will give it a lovely silky surface in preparation for sealing.
Bamboo is a natural product and MUST be sealed on all surfaces to prevent  mould or change in the panel shape.
If left unsealed, finger prints and other marks will become obvious.